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New Blossom Children Home is a nonprofit organization which was established in 2010 A.D. with 3 children to provide a better future for the destitute children trapped under the cycle of vicim us poverty. The organization has been able to creat a novel and unique identity even within a short period of time. The organization is running on the blessing and grace of Lord Jesus Christ. Though there are many children homes across the country to take care of the needy children, New Blossom Children Home has its own unique and distinct identity. The Dalit community of Nepal has been facing the segregation for a long period of time and left backward in society in terms of social, political, economic, educational and cultural aspects. The problem is more serious when it comes about the condition of the Dalit orphans. Education becomes a distant dream for those children who cannot even manage their daily food for their survival. New Blossom Children Home strives toward providing education and care to those children who were victimized by Poverty lost their parents and were trapped under the poverty. The organization has been serving and taking care of 15 children for the last four years, providing them health, food, education and other necessary things.


We have a distinct vision of providing family based love and care to children with our own building and land from where they are nurtured and cared on the basic premises of compassion, mercy and love so that their economic, social, political and educational status is uplifted.


Our goal is to rescue the orphan, destitute and vulerable children from different parts of the country and bring them to the New Blossom Children Home for ensuring all-round-development and education to enable them to develop and realize their potentials.