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Daniel Tamang

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NAME: Daniel Tamang
DATE OF BIRTH: 2061-03-25 B.S ( July 9, 2004)
SCHOOL: Aims academy, Lagankhel

Family Situation
Daniel Gautam His original name is khirlal Tamang. However, now he Is Daniel Gautam. He used To beg at Ramechhap bus park erase his hunger. He used to slept on the bus park with empty stomach. Some time he ever eat left over food in the street to full fill his hunger. At that time dog was his companies . People used to be shocked when they see him suddenly appearing beneath the bus which is all must set to move . The police also took me with them and told me that they have announce his name in the local radio and he will be handed over his kin. However, nobody come to take him. I found him by his aunt and I brought him to kathmandu. Now he is going to school, getting foods and beautiful set of clothes. Therefore, nobody beat him anymore in the road, we care him very much. Now, he is very happy with us

Why did children come To NBCH ?
» To get Quality Education and Good life style.
» To meet aim.
» To get healthy life.
» To get educational facilities, support etc.

Aim: Football Player
Interest and Competition: Playing Football
Address:Ramechap (Remote area from central part of Nepal)

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