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Devendra Sodari

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NAME: Devendra Sodari
DATE OF BIRTH: 2056-9-16 B.S (December 31,1999)
SCHOOL: Aims academy, Lagankhel

Family Situation
Devendra Sodari. He is from Achchham, Nepal. He is also from poor family. In 2000 AD his family lost in the conflict of Mawoist ( Mawadi). He never found his family and he used to stay with his Neighbor. He faced many difficulties while staying with neighbor. After long time he came NBCH and now he is happy.

Why did children come To NBCH ?
» To get Quality Education and Good life style.
» To meet aim.
» To get healthy life.
» To get educational facilities, support etc.

Aim: Football Player
Interest and Competition: Playing Football
Address: Achchham District (Mid western part of Nepal)

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