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The registration or program fee is the main source of the fund of organization that is fully utilized into office management and administration such as office space, computers, Internet connection, Staffs recruitment, salary, wages and bonus, donation, stationery, orphanages welfare in various places in the country.

Registration fee is non-refundable.

The cost we quote is in Euros but we do accept payment in US dollars, Nepali rupees equivalent to Euros and US $. Please note that traveler?s cheques or credit cards will not be accepted.

Yes, depending on your length of stay, you will receive up to 5-10 days of Cultural and Language training from the FUN-Nepal staff. The first phase of the training includes basic cultural and language information and will be conducted at our office in Kathmandu. The next phase of the training takes place either in Sanga or Dhulikhel village to help you to prepare for village life. During your time in the village, the FUN-Nepal staff will continue to provide language training as well. You will have more information about it during the training period.

Any time of the year is fabulous season in Nepal. However, it is important to know that rainy reason (early or late June/July) may vary on the degree of rain that may sometimes create problem for trekking.

Depending on your flight information, the organization staffs or representatives will be waiting to receive you in the airport. You will be organized properly once you arrived.

As volunteers know that they are required to pay before commence of their training program. Terms and condition apply. FUN- Nepal does not have policy to refund program fees. However, if due to unavoidable circumstances for instance serious illness or family grief, FUN- Nepal will consider a refund of 25% of the Host Family Costs if they are registered for more than 30 days.

There are number of ways to communicate with people such as e-mail, telephone, and post office. Cyber facility is the most adventitious and convenient in many places in Nepal especially for email, chat and telephone. However, you can make your life easy by using cello phone as well. Fun staff will guide you which simcard is cost effective