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Ishak Magar


NAME: Ishak Magar
DATE OF BIRTH: 2070-01-29 B.S (May 12,2013)
SCHOOL: Aims academy, Lagankhel

Family Situation
Ishak Magar. He is from Dhulekhel, Nepal. He is also from poor family. His father was killed by certain group of people when he was small. After the dead of his father, mother got difficult and depression. It was very hard to feed her son. And it was very hard to send him school. Therefore, Now he is in NBCH . He is very happy and getting good education.

Why did children come To NBCH ?
» To get Quality Education and Good life style.
» To meet aim.
» To get healthy life.
» To get educational facilities, support etc.

Aim: Dancer
Interest and Competition: Dancing
Address: Dhulikhel, Basghari

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