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Jaya Sunam


NAME: Jaya Sunam
DATE OF BIRTH: 2059-08-15 B.S (December 1,2002)
SCHOOL: Aims academy, Lagankhel

Family Situation
She is from Bhuwan phokhari of Palpa district. Her mother Was suffering from sinusitis When she was very small.her father lacked money for her mother treatment. Later on her father collected money for the treatment from local people and came for treatment but it was too late and her mother has already caught by cancer. Due to poverty her mother died. From the death of her mother, the house wore a deserted look. Her father went to work by leaving her and her sister. The house was very old and could not be maintained for long time which eventually collapsed. Father never return home. The villagers told that her father got married with other girl. Now, her father is also dead. The villagers mercy opened and they gave her and sister shelter and food for some weeks. Once me and my wife has been in the village at that time maya told us every things. Then I agree maya and her sister to come with us. And both of them become very happy.

Why did children come To NBCH ?
» To get Quality Education and Good life style.
» To meet aim.
» To get healthy life.
» To get educational facilities, support etc.

Aim: Dancer/Teacher
Interest and Competition: Dancing
Address:Palpa, District(western part of Nepal)

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