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NAME: Sambhu Nepali
DATE OF BIRTH: 2059/8/21(December 7,2002)
SCHOOL: Aims academy, Lagankhel

Family Situation
Shambhu Nepali. He is from Palpa, Nepal. His Family background is very poor and his family could not effort for his study. His Father used to work hard and it is very hard for his family to get morning and evening food to fill stomach. After some year his father died and Mother went to another place. And now he is staying with NBCH.

Why did children come To NBCH ?
» To get Quality Education and Good life style.
» To meet aim.
» To get healthy life.
» To get educational facilities, support etc.

Aim: Social Worker
Interest and Competition: Playing Guitar
Address: Palpa, District (western part of Nepal)

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