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Main goal:

To contribute to increased understanding for each other´s culture and create friendships between the volunteer and NBCH.

Specific goals for the youth at NBCH:
  » To obtain support in some school subject
  » To learn new creative activities

Specific goals for the volunteers:
  » To experience the Nepali culture
  » To share their knowledge of English both verbally and in writing.
  » To give support in certain school subjects
  » To learn new creative activities.

Description of the assignment

At New Blossom:

Assisting the children/youth with homework.
  » Encouraging English conversation.
  » Arranging specific activities with the children/youth according to the volunteers´ interest and competence (for example, sport, painting, sewing, embroidery, knitting, dance, music, computer etc).
  » Participating in the prayer times at NBCH.
  » Helping with various practical tasks such as cooking, washingup, gardening, cleaning etc.

The visit would be three months (90 day visa) where 2 ½ months would be at NBCH and 2 weeks trekking/sightseeing as arranged by themselves.
  » Accommodation would be a room in a Nepali home in the area near to NBCH.
  » The volunteers would be aged 18 to above years.
  » The volunteers should be willing to wear suitable clothing for the Nepali culture and learn as much as possible about the Nepali way of life.
  » The volunteers should be strong Christian believers and be prepared to participate in the prayer times at NBCH and even to sometimes lead these times.
  » The volunteers should have one free day a week.

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